Red Sea, Egypt Day 6

The final day was spent off the boat. After docking in Hurgarda we all took an organised excursion that included buggy and quad biking, a jeep journey into the desert to visit a Bedouin encampment. An amazing show including dancers and a strongmen act followed by a delicious buffet meal sat on the floor on rugs and all topped off, of course, with a camel ride. The evening was spent touring Hurgarda, the main tourist area, ending in Camel burgers and beer at a pub called Moby Dick´s. A brilliant day with a great group of people. Overview: The boat itself was perfect in every respect and during our down time we were fantastically looked after by a crew of 6 guys who provided delicious and plen

Red Sea, Egypt Day 5

Two dives today all at small Giftun island off the coast of Hurgarda and 2 further dives at Gota abu Ramada, ending with a spectacular night dive to complete 5 days of amazing diving in clear blue warm water. I can´t image a better place to explore!

Red Sea, Egypt Day 4

Day 4 started with a dive to visit the wreck of a local boat 15 meters down and then through the most stunning coral garden packed with life including anemones and clown fish. Then 2 dives at Elphinstone reef at the north and south plateaus where we spotted huge shoals of blue snappers and more turtles

Red Sea, Egypt Day 3

Daedalus Reef, a rocky escapement that has a British built light house on top 3 dives today. The first beginning at 7 am and we dived off the edge of the coral reef down to 30 meters and hovered there for 20 minutes in the hope of seeing hammerhead sharks. A huge disappointment felt by all when nothing showed up, but that´s diving you never know what you are going to get! The second dive to the same spot was magical, 12 scalloped Hammerheads rose up from the deep blue ocean. It was very surreal to be around these amazing creatures and such a privilege. A dive that I will never forget. Dive 3 was spent diving along a beautiful coral encrusted cliff that dropped off into the deep. Rounded the

The Red Sea, Egypt Day 2

Three dives today; dive site The Brothers, two small rock formations that just break the surface of the ocean and drop down hundreds of meters. The first dive on big brother was down to the wreck Numidia precariously hanging at between 30 and 60 meters on the side of the plateaus slope. Here I filmed a huge playful grouper and a large turtle along with large shoals of smaller fish. The other 2 dives were on little brother and were packed with hundreds of different species of marine life and a wide variety of corals.

My Dive Trip of a Lifetime: Destination The Red Sea, Egypt

Day 1 We sailed from Port Ghalib to the Torombi reef,we began with a shake down dive to make sure all equipment was working correctly and to get acclimatised to the beautifully warm 27 degree water. The day included 2 more dives ending in a stunning night dive, I buddied up with Raul and we managed to find a large Moray eel and a fantastically camouflaged Scorpion fish, a great end to a brilliant first day.

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