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My Dive Trip of a Lifetime: Destination The Red Sea, Egypt

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I have been a diving for many years and right from the beginning I´ve always wanted to dive with Hammerhead sharks. After watching TV shows showing these magnificent creatures gliding through he oceans I finally had the opportunity to make my dream a reality with a weeks dive to trip to Egypt.

I signed up along with my good friends and fellow instructors and en route we met up with another 9 divers. Our destination, a fantastic 40 meter live-aboard called Galaxy 2 and the plan, cruise a variety of dive sites around the red sea.

5 days of diving began with getting acclimatised to the beautifully warm 27 degree water, spotting large Moray eels and superbly camouflaged Scorpion fish

On a dive site named The Brothers, two small rock formations that just break the surface of the ocean and drop down hundreds of meters, we visited the wreck Numidia precariously hanging at between 30 and 60 metres. I filmed a huge playful grouper and a large turtle along with large shoals of smaller fish. The site is packed with hundreds of different species of marine life and a wide variety of corals.

It was on The Daedulias Reef, a rocky escapement that has a British built light house on top where my dream of a lifetime became a reality when magically, 12 scalloped Hammerheads rose up from the deep blue ocean. It was very surreal to be around these amazing creatures and such a privilege. A dive that I will never forget.

Further dives displayed a beautiful coral encrusted cliff that dropped off into the depths, a local boat wreck 15 meters down with the most stunning coral garden packed with life including anemones, angel fish, sting rays,lion fish and more.

During our down time we were looked after by an amazing crew of 6 guys who provided delicious and plentiful food and could not do enough to help us make the most of our time. The boat itself was perfect in every respect, I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in going. Egypt has over 1200 species of fish and 250 species of coral to explore it really is an under water paradise and is a must see for anyone. If my story has inspired you please contact me at

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