Bondholder John qualifies to SCUBA dive!

I first met John Tattersall at the end of a Friday HPB welcome meeting in July 2015, I had delivered my 3-minute talk about the chance to explore the beautiful Atlantic Ocean by trying a scuba dive. John approached me and signed up straight away, to do the PADI discover scuba diving program. He already had been mountain climbing for many years as a hobby and was keen to try something new.

The following day I arrived with the equipment and began to teach him how to dive in the HPB pool, he says himself now that he was a little anxious but within an hour the session was successfully completed, and a time for the sea dive session was set. John’s first time in the sea was a total success, we had beautiful conditions, saw lots of marine life, and John dived it really well for a beginner.

Immediately after the dive John was fired up and asked me “How do I become a qualified diver?” I discussed the PADI Scuba diver course which would take two days to complete, and he signed up. We started the course a few days later beginning with dive theory and then progressed onto training dive skills in the swimming pool. Once completed we chose a day where we could complete the two dives in the sea including a dive to 12 metres which is the qualification depth for the course. During those sea dives we practised the skills which John had learned in the pool and at the end of our day he had successfully completed everything I had asked him to do.

John loved the diving and asked if he could do more as he had enough days of his holiday left so we agreed to carry on and completed another two days of theory and sea dives this time going to 18 metres in depth.

The following day I went online and registered John as a PADI Open Water Diver, not

only was John a good student

but we also had a laugh and really got on well

together. That evening we celebrated with our wives Susan and Laura and had a good night.

When John and Susan returned to the UK we e mailed over a video of John´s discover scuba diving dive that Laura had filmed during his first time in the sea.

Both John and Susan kept an eye on our Facebook page and commented on underwater video´s and pictures that we had posted so it wasn´t a great surprise when in April 2016 we received an e mail to say they were returning to Santa Rosa in May and would love to do some diving. Maybe 5 or 6 dives.

After meeting up again I discussed the options open to him and we agreed that he would go for the PADI Advanced Open Water diver course that would teach him to dive safely to 30 meters.

On arrival I gave John the training manual and videos he needed to watch and we agreed 5 adventure dives that would make up the course. Before starting the sea work we completed two fun dives down at Chica bay in Puerto del Carmen, as a refresher and then pencilled in the dates for the course dives.

We began with two dives on a beautifully sunny day, where we completed the Navigation and Peak Performance Buoyancy dives without any difficulties.

A few days later we completed the Deep dive down to 30 metres to see Reenie’s Wreck a small fishing boat sunk many years ago and a Boat Dive over to Waikiki a dive site just off Playa Grande beach. During the dive we spotted a large butterfly ray a feeding angel shark along with a ton of different smaller marine life.

To complete the qualification, we did a Night Dive at Chica bay along the harbour wall, we set off at 9.25pm just as the light was fading and within minutes we were in complete darkness except for our torches. John had admitted feeling a little anxious

beforehand even though his dive skills are very good, but after a few minutes to acclimatise he was loving it. During the dive Laura had the Go Pro camera going and we managed to capture footage of a beautiful Trumpet fish, Arrowhead crabs, a huge Starfish and lots of other fish resting on the rock’s, yes some fish really do sleep at night! To see the video please go to our Facebook page

After the dive we cleaned up the kit and headed off to celebrate with a cold beer, what a fantastic end to a great course full of adventures.

John wanted to see one more thing underwater before going home, so I arranged a boat trip to dive on the new Atlantic Museum that is in the middle of being created down at Playa Blanca. We took a rib boat across to the site and were soon diving between the life size statues that have been created by the British artist Jason De Cairns Taylor, it was stunning.

The marine life was spectacular and each statue had a story behind it, what a fantastic way to end John’s adventures here in Lanzarote.

I´d just like to finish by saying congratulations to John

as he has become a very confident diver and to his wife Susan for being so understanding during John´s absences, I look forward to diving with him again next time they are back in Lanzarote.

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