You are never too old

When I set up Adventure Underwater two years ago, I had one mission in mind and that was to bring as many new people, of all ages, into diving so that they could see for themselves just how beautiful our oceans are, and experience a world many people never do.

Over the last two years we have taken many bond holders through the pool training session and on to the sea dive in Playa Jabillo where my wife Laura has captured people’s happy memories of the stunning marine life they have seen, on video.

Bond holder Graham Farnfield was one of those people, in fact he enjoyed the experience so much, he wanted to go further so on his next visit to Lanzarote we teamed up and completed two days of training to gain the PADI scuba diver qualification, which gave him the opportunity to dive anywhere in the world down to a depth of 12 metres.

To celebrate the qualification, we dived

on the ship wreck of the Telemon,

which was a fantastic experience

for a first sea dive and something that

most people never get the chance to do.

On their next holiday, Graham’s wife Sandra was very understanding of his desire to get back under water so we teamed up again and did 3 dives just for the fun of it down at Playa Chica. During those dives, we saw a wide range of marine life that live in the waters here, Grahams love of being underwater was getting stronger, and over a cold beer we discussed what he wanted to do next. We agreed that on their next holiday to Lanzarote he would take his dive skills to the next level.

In the last two weeks we have worked together to gain a PADI open water qualification which I am delighted to say Graham passed with flying colours. His courage and steely determination to succeed are really something to be admired especially when you factor in his age, he started on this road just before his 70th birthday.

It just goes to show “You are never too old” to try a new experience, who knows what anyone can achieve unless you try?

If you would like to face a new challenge in 2017 please e mail us at to discuss how to get you started.

I am looking forward to Graham's next visit as we have already agreed to dive the stunning Atlantic museum down in Playa Blanca together, which is now fully completed. Graham be prepared to be amazed ! and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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